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LA PLAZITA INSTITUTE (LPI) is a non-profit grassroots organization in Albuquerque, NM. LPI engages New Mexico’s youth, elders and communities in a comprehensive, holistic and cultural approach. Designed around the philosophy of "La Cultura Cura" or culture heals, La Plazita’s programs engages New Mexico’s youth, elders and communities to draw from their own roots and histories to express core traditional values of respect, honor, love, and family. LPI supports them in leaving behind violence and a destructive lifestyle.

“La Cultura Cura and Wookihi”—are La Plazita’s core philosophies—and they enable us to work effectively with individuals who do not respond to more mainstream services.


Times are tough for everyone, but especially for our youth and their families, who face homelessness, difficulty finding work after incarceration, and finding food for themselves and their families.

Most—though not all—of our youth come from a Chicano or Native American background, and so face the challenge of balancing "multiple worlds" and conflicting values between the mainstream culture and their familial culture.

We help our youth effectively navigate these multiple worlds and offer cultural healing through sweat ceremonies and teachings to link youth to the traditional values from their indigenous roots including respect for elders, honoring of oneself, and importance of community.


Seeking funding through conventional channels has always been a challenge for us for two reasons: because we are who we serve—primarily hiring previously incarcerated individuals; and because we choose quality over quantity in providing intensive, 24/7 support to extremely high-risk youth—in lower numbers than institutions serving youth at lower risk.

This is why your support - whether it be a tax deductible cash donation through Paypal or your time as a volunteer, will go a long way toward helping us serve New Mexico's most vulnerable youth and their families.


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For more information on our programs and volunteer opportunities, call: 505.508.1802


La Plazita Institute
831 Isleta Blvd. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105